What is one ingredient you couldn’t live without?

One ingredient I couldn’t live without is CHEEZE. I love CHEESE!  Macaroni and CHEESE,  CHEESE pizza.....

Cheese please ! 

What is your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is The Pickled Onion. I love the service, the layout and food. 

Describe what you would choose to eat if it were your last meal ever?

My last meal ever would be Fettuccine Alfredo with tons of cheese, a side order of garlic bread piled to the sky and for dessert a huge waffle bowl with 5 Scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream with thousands of gummy bears.

What did you have for dinner last night ?

Last night, I had Brown Stew Chicken with rice and mixed vegetables.

Who taught you how to cook?

My mom taught me how to cook.  I watched her prepare meals. Eventually, she allowed me to make breakfast with her then later, for her and my brother.  It was a gradual process. I’m comfortable now...

What is your favorite Somersfield hot lunch?

My favorite Somersfield hot lunch is Chicken Caesar salad.

One food you simply would not eat?

One food I will never eat is chocolate.   I can’t stand chocolate !  I’m probably the only child that doesn’t like it.  I can’t stand chocolate ice cream, chocolate bars, chocolate cake with icing...... yuck!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite ice cream is Strawberry.  That’s the only flavor I ever order!

If you had a restaurant, what cuisine would you serve?

To be honest, I have no idea.  There are sooooo many cuisines to choose from. It would be hard to make a decision.