Meet Adrianna

Meet Adrianna

What's one ingredient you couldn't live without?

Sugar. I can’t imagine living without sugar

What's your favorite restaurant?

Harbourfront. I always go there with friends and family and in my opinion it has the best sushi.

Describe what you would choose to eat if it were your last meal ever. 

I would want my last meal to be guacamole with chips for an appetizer with a turkey burger and a chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream for desert

What did you have for dinner last night? 

I had turkey meatballs with orzo and soup for dinner last night 

Who taught you how to cook?

Ive learned how to cook from many of my family members but mostly my mom and dad

What's your favorite Somersfield 'Hot lunch?”

My favorite hot lunch would be the baked chicken tenders with Mac 'n cheese with steamed vegetables and sliced pineapple.

One food you simply will not eat?

One food I will not eat is black beans

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite ice cream flavor would have to be cookie dough

If you had a restaurant, what cuisine would you serve?

If I had a restaurant I would serve Italian cuisine 

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